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Free Forex Signals Online with Real Time Execution are uncommon for good reason.

It's not common to find free Forex Signals online with real time execution for a multitude of reasons.  The Trading Signals market is extremely crowded among many providers claiming to have the Holy Grail and "guaranteeing" results based on ideas that are not quite clear as far as the strategy.  There are providers that have paid Trading Signals that have a track record, but could just as easily turn unprofitable for a month or two that would result in lost subscriber fees and anger.  It is unfortunate that the Forex Market, the world's largest market by volume, has been blinded by the desperation and greed of the majority of retail traders.  Exploring why the Trading Signals Market is this way and why the elusive profitable, real time Trading Signal is definitely not going to be free is important.

However, don't panic or run away just yet... there is a light at the end of the tunnel for the novice investor!

Did you know that there are Trading Signal Providers that are not even for copying trades?

Yes, these exist and they are typically spammers/scammers that flood WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Quora and other social media.  They create a lot of astroturf accounts with the same sort of messages and make it very difficult for brokers, traders, investors and influencers to interact.  The news feed is a nightmare to navigate for Forex on social media.  Just join any Forex Trading Group or Forex Signals Group and they are there hunting their ignorant prey.  They may entice you with a Telegram Group or Channel to transmit their phony systems and separate you from your money.

Sporting websites that are horribly designed or not even having a website these Trading Signal Providers correspond with clientele through personal e-mail addresses (,, etc.) and instant messaging applications.

Free Forex Signals Online with Real Time Execution

They hook in desperate, underfunded traders and send entry and exit points on a periodic basis.  No logic behind it, just do it.  They even engage in the classic sports tout scam ploy except that there is no flashy website nor personality behind the sales process.  The most transparent and honest sports touts put out free picks and own up to results, they sell based on results from their transparent plays and their personalities.

What is the sports tout scam ploy?

A tout is someone who sells picks for sporting events and they typically offer free picks to introduce themselves to acquire clientele.  They would typically issue out picks on both sides of the sporting event to prospective clients and after the sporting event they would try to sell their services to those that received the winning picks.  Those that purchase future picks from this pool of new clientele will be split up in two just like the prospective clients and the sales process continues until there is a base of clientele that received a long streak of wins.  This base of clientele would tell friends about their tout and the sales process begins again.  There's no magic to this method.

No verified results and no willingness to publicly answer basic questions, it is a scheme designed to separate people from their money.  These Forex Trading Signals providers would not be doing this if there was no money in it.  Their sales approach is as hard as their promotional approach.

The price points for these Forex Scams, Forex Signal Groups, and Forex Signal "Services" (it is more of a disservice) actually compete with real Copy Trading Signals as far as price points, which means that traders could get the real thing as a service for the same price rather than a fraud with unverified results that requires manual placement of trades.

However, the person looking for Free Forex Signals Online with Real Time Execution is likely not going to go for this as they are already aware that this is shady.  Trade entries are either too late for proper entry or are scammy, either way, this is not a proper practice befitting an investment instrument.  Unless you want to gamble, but it would be more enjoyable to gamble on sports than the Forex Market?

Why is there a Real Time Execution Trading Signals Market in the first place?

This Trading Signals Market cannot run from bad results because the trades are copied by all clients either automatically or upon an approval by the investor.  Often these Trading Signals have published track records through third party providers.  There are several reasons why these Trading Signals exist on the market in the first place.

  1. PAMM and MAM Services require licensure in several jurisdictions.
  2. Operating a PAMM or MAM comes with possibly more legal liability.
  3. Raising funds for a PAMM or MAM could be challenging as they act as mini-hedge funds.
  4. Subscription models are easier to enter and exit.
  5. Lower cost of entry for a Trading Signals provider.
  6. Many novice traders/investors do not want to be bothered to learn how to trade.
  7. Time.  The time to develop an automated trading system or be in front of a terminal is just not there.

A good number of successful traders use revenues from selling Trading Signals as side revenue so that they do not necessarily feel the need to withdraw their earnings.  How long they remain successful, how long their systems last and their consistency are all tough to forecast.

Often times, the largely unsophisticated audience will put all of their eggs into the basket of one particular Forex Signals provider.  In MetaTrader 4/5, the most popular trading terminal among FX brokers, if a trader wants to use a Trading Signal they would have to give total control of the trading account activity to the Signal Provider.  The only way to diversify holdings away from the Real Time Signal Provider would be to create sub-accounts.  Most traders are not creating sub-accounts as they are looking to turn their underfunded accounts into monsters so that they can be Timothy Sykes.  It is a tough pill of reality to swallow.

Aren't There Free Forex Signals Online with Real Time Execution in MetaTrader that are created by some generous soul?

The opacity of the approach of these free Forex Signals in real time should raise eyebrows.  Traders are getting what they are paying for and are looking for explosive gains at zero cost.

Yes, there is freedom to unsubscribe whenever one pleases because it is free and there's no sunk cost element for free Forex Signals online with real time execution.  However, too often traders going down this route will jump from system-to-system impatiently on LIVE accounts!  There is no diversity of holdings because there are no sub-accounts and things are rather dicey when going down this road.

It is not hard to find traditional Trading Signals for free, but without realistic expectations and benchmarks all is likely going to be lost.

You can also find these Free Forex Signals Online in cTrader's Copy Marketplace.  Some of the paid Forex Signals on MyFXBook can actually have the strategies figured out based on trading history, which can be turned into Expert Advisors that you can create for FREE.  It will work really well to do this with scalping strategies.

What's the light at the end of the tunnel?

Doing the following will go a long way in preventing blow-ups:

  1. Sub-accounts:  Use them.  If your broker does not offer them or resists the ability for you to create them, dump them immediately and get your money out of the brokerage.
  2. Set benchmarks on results on an annual basis like the way hedge funds and mutual funds do.
  3. Be realistic about your goals.
  4. If you have $1,000 or less to trade, wait to enter the market until you have enough so that you do not over-leverage.

The good news is that you even thought to go down the road of pursuing free, real-time Forex Signals rather than being attracted to the junk that is out there.  You're halfway there and now your journey has gone down a more responsible road.

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