In the most simplistic terms, these are the considerations made when creating a client portfolio.

There are many different ways to trade and invest, but it requires understanding that there are multiple paths to profitability.

Freevestor looks for predictable and automated trades from a trading signal.  The methods must be transparent because deviating from the prescribed strategy or changing the strategy outright completely alters the portfolio and its expectations. 

Nobody wants to copy the trades of a fund manager or individual trader with a reckless, unprepared approach.

Each investor has a different objective and tolerance for risk.  The Forex/CFD/Commodities markets feature instruments that are leveraged.  

Each portfolio is unique and is adjusted periodically to fit the needs of the investor.  

  • Freevestor is unbiased in its approach toward creating portfolios that meet client needs.

  • Freevestor is not compensated by the creators of Signals and PAMMs.  

  • Freevestor's objective is to maximize return and minimize risk and fees for clientele.