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What is the Best Forex Broker? An Answer to this Burning Question.

What is the Best Forex Broker?

What is the Best Forex Broker?  Answering a question with the wrong interrogative word. What is the best Forex Broker?  How about “Who is the best Forex Broker?”  The question is good because it plays off a theme that has been preached lately.  There are many purporting that their broker or the broker that they..

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FX Liquidity for ECN Brokers: How Do These Relationships Work?

FX Liquidity for ECN Brokers, where does it come from and what about charges involved? On this Quora Question Thursday, a really interesting question remains unanswered because the more nefarious and ignorant in the industry have yet to respond with canned responses and awkward plugs for their services.  FX Liquidity is the topic of conversation..

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Escape From Cyprus: Brokers Flee Unstable European Regulatory Regime

Cypriot Brokers are Selling Their Licenses or are at Least Trying To Do So… Some companies see it as an opportunity to expand their businesses and will brag about it in a cocky fashion, others see it as a reason to get out, and others look to consolidate with other companies and poach talent.  However..

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Live Forex Signals: Guide to Finding Copy Trading Signals That Work

Live Forex Signals - Copy Trading

Live Forex Signals:  What Subscribers Must Know First Live Forex Signals offered on verified, independent third-party markets that enable traders to copy trades of professional traders and smaller funds are certainly not a scam.  However, it is important to examine a few things before getting involved.  Here are four things to look for before subscribing..

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How Does Forex ECN Work?

How ECN Works

Forex Brokers Use ECNs to Execute Trades In the Forex industry, the acronym ‘ECN’ is usually promoted as a benefit to traders, but many novice retail traders have zero idea what this means.  ECN stands for “Electronic Communications Network” and what it does is provide a connection between the trades that a broker’s client wants..

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