Approximately 76.65% of Retail Forex Traders are unprofitable in any given quarter.

It's a very unsettling figure, but it is not as disturbing as the false, arbitrarily high percentages that are cited on forums and by course providers. Brokers in the European Union now must publish these figures and the myths are now over. Facts over folktales.

The Vast Majority are Undercapitalized

The average first-time deposit amount is roughly $800 USD.  Retail Forex Traders do not even give themselves a fair shot to make a profit that would psychologically feel good enough to withdraw.  Worse, many of them are chasing impossible dreams.

Institutional Forex Traders are not People

5.5% of all Forex Trading Volume are from Retail Forex Traders, which are mostly comprised of humans placing trades based on their hunches, guts and instincts.  The vast majority of 94.5% of trading volume is executed by algorithms at large financial institutions developed by the best and brightest.

Uneducated and Poorly Educated

When it comes to learning how to trade and reach profitability, traders typically jump in with a gambler's mentality and little knowledge or they have spent thousands on courses to teach them how to manually trade.  They'll learn basic technical indicators, candlesticks and various support/resistance techniques that are completely unverified as far as their effectiveness.  Retail Traders are bringing a butter knife to a gun fight.

Gambling Approach

Retail Forex Traders take on far too much true leverage in their trading accounts and do not diversify their strategies or their holdings.  Instead, the objective is to try to make as much money as possible and brokers end up churning and burning through clients.  Everything that is preached about when it comes to the stock market is thrown out in the Forex Market.

Too Much Screen Time

Manual Trading requires so much time at the terminal, waiting on setups and rooting on positions while looking other openings.  It's a part-time job for all manually traders because the FX Market is 24/5 and this means that all traders miss opportunities.  Traders miss opportunities to make profitable trades and they miss opportunities to enjoy life and socialize.


Unverified Expert Advisors and Algos

Expert Advisors and Algorithms that place trades automatically for traders are not verified by independent third parties to reach their advertised potential.  They are also sold and distributed like they are a piece of software from 2005.  No updates, no accountability.

Building an Algo is Tough

Learning how to code is one obstacle, the obstacles of creating an automated strategy is another hurdle, and the biggest hurdle is coming up with one that backtests well and functions properly during forward testing.  Then, there's the maintenance.  The challenges with creating one functional Expert Advisor is tough enough that many end up undiversified.

Managed Forex Indecision

Copy Trading, Mirror Traders, PAMMs, MAMs, and LAMMs have verified results, but too often traders and investors have no idea which ones to choose.  Many traders take the cheapest route since they are depositing so little in the first place or go with the trader with the highest return on investment thinking that it is the best option for them.  Others are paralyzed by indecision often leads to just manually trading on their own or having a dormant account.

Manual Signals

The positions to take and the entry and exit points are sent out through a Messaging app like WhatsApp or Telegram for a monthly fee.  The providers of these services often do not have websites and spam social media.  Their results are unverified and you still have to place the order manually.  Delays often result in missed execution and the positions do not take into account your leverage level and investment amount.


Just Answer Six Questions for Custom Solutions

Clients fill out a two minute self-consultation to identify goals and risk-aversion level.  In less than 48 hours, a customized trading strategy portfolio is sent straight to you for FREE.

Strategy Diversification

Clients are guaranteed a portfolio with at least three different strategies.  They could include PAMMs, LAMMs, MAMs, Copy Trading Signals (found on the MT4, MT5 or cTrader Marketplaces) or even the client's self-made algorithm.  Whatever it may be, the Managed Forex options will be in the interest of reaching the client's goals and reducing risk.

Automated Trading

All strategies are automated and have verified results through a third-party marketplace.  Strategies and allocations will change to fit the market environment and also to meet the objectives of the client.  Never miss another trade and you get to have a life.

Clients Receive Prospectuses

What Forex Service Provider provides clients with a prospectus?  No one, but Freevestor.  Each client gets a PDF prospectus outlining everything about the Automated Managed Forex strategies that are suggested.  All this from a company that is performing this service for FREE and not even handling client money.  Updated prospectuses are sent out when strategies and allocations change.

Managed Forex Sourcing

No need to search "Signals That Work" and be frustrated with the experience.  The searching will be done for you and presented to you.  The right Managed Forex solution with the right Broker with the right allocation of funds in the Portfolio.