Want to know how to make money in Forex without actually trading?

The answer to “How to make money in Forex without actually trading?” is actually quite complex and it really depends upon how you define your involvement in the market.  The good news is that both the technical and obvious solutions are right here in this article.

Being an Affiliate/Introducer

To be an affiliate or introducer, it is rather simple to apply with a broker that fits what you are looking for, but you probably need to offer something of use for those that you want to sign-up.  The problem affiliates and introducers face often is that when they do get clients, they sign up with micro or nano accounts and then go through the churn-and-burn.

Too often, the sites operated by affiliates are just affiliate banners on the side with weak content and the hope that the banners are clicked and result in a depositor.  There are so many comparison sites and blogs out there, it’s a tough racket.  Forums are spammed all the time by Introducing Brokers and Affiliates from conspicuously the same few brokers because they have the highest payouts, but very often these are the brokers that are taking positions against their own clients.

Brokers are not the only ones offering programs.  The Managed Forex providers also provide programs.

No Deposit Bonuses

In this case, you are not trading your own funds.  So technically it counts?

So you really think you can turn $25 into something substantial?  This is a tactic used by sportsbooks and online casinos and it just encourages overleveraging and it results in burned out accounts.  The idea is that the Forex Brokers will give you the seed money and you will blow out the account.  The trust and connection built with the Broker will result in a deposit of a more substantial amount and they will likely B-Book you and take positions against you.  Their $25 investment in you results in a $100 to $500 return, not too shabby for the Broker, but they have to find new clients constantly since they cannot keep them trading.

Investing in Trading Signals

Technically, you are not having to manually trade or know anything about trading to do this.  With Trading Signals, you are copying the trades of another person or company in the market.  There may be subscription fees involved, but you are putting the trades in someone else’s hands.  Trading signals that are verified provide the best opportunity, but newcomers have zero idea how to handle this.

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Just know:  If you want to know how to make money in Forex without actually trading, there are challenges and likely investments needed.