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How did Freevestor’s Forex Investment Fund Portfolio do in April 2018?

In Freevestor’s Sample Portfolio of seven different copy trading signals, the return was positive, but it was the weakest month in terms of performance.  This Forex Investment Fund Portfolio was able to withstand two signals that had a horrible April 2018 and one that was discontinued in mid-April leaving a sub-account to sit on cash.  After all of this, Freevestor’s Portfolio was still able to turn a profit, unlike most of the retail Forex Market participants.  Risk reduction played a critical role in ensuring a profitable month.  The Sample Portfolio will have Signals removed and replaced in May 2018, let’s reveal the portfolio changes.

It is important to keep in mind that the Sample Portfolio is not necessarily appropriate for all traders/investors.  It is why all portfolios are custom made to fit the needs and the risk-aversion of the client.

The Results of the Portfolio since inception.

The return this month was comparably weaker than past months, but it beat the indices.  1.83% was good enough to beat the indices.

If you held onto the same portfolio from May 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018, you would have made at least a 67.12% gain with the Sample Portfolio.  Why at least?  Because Freevestor pays out monthly distributions to clientele.

April 2018 Returns for Sample Portfolio vs. Other Options

Holding/PortfolioApril 2018 Return1 Year Return
Freevestor Sample Portfolio1.83%67.12%
S&P 5000.22%11.07%
NASDAQ 1000.06%18.10%
RUSSELL 20000.81%10.09%
DOW 300.25%15.83%
NIKKEI 2254.72%17.03%

What is Being Removed from the Portfolio?

Three Copy Trading Signals are being removed from the Sample Forex Investment Fund Portfolio.  Let’s reveal them as they are not going to be a part of the portfolio.  As part of Freevestor’s free consultation, you will find out the new components of this Sample Portfolio.

  1. IC MARKETS ZAKLAD – Discontinued by the Signal Provider
  2. FXM Slow
  3. Creator

This is just a part of re-balancing and making necessary adjustments.  Sometimes, it involves swapping one out for another and other times there is a change due to under-performance or an opportunity for improved performance.

These are instructions that would be given out a few days prior to the end of every month for existing clients.

Just a little bit about each of these removed portfolio elements.

IC MARKETS ZAKLAD was an extremely good signal that was discontinued in mid-April, it was a very stable Copy Trading Signal.

It’s a shame that it was discontinued because the results were extremely good, the drawdowns were good for the weak of heart, and the returns were nothing to sneeze at.

FXM Slow had a disastrous April 2018.  This was a case of the conservative stop losses getting hit much more often than usual.

The previous three out of four months rendered negative returns, but they were not substantial losses.  This particular Copy Trading Signal provider had struggles with AUD/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CAD.  No losing trades for EUR/USD and USD/CHF.  In fact, the strength of the system is found in three pairs and it may be a consideration to stick to those three pairs as opposed to five.

Creator‘s extremely bad April was a rough swing in the other direction after a strong stretch during the peak season.  Notice that during non-peak season (June and July 2017), the results were negative, but not as bad as April 2018.

There are less volatile options to replace Creator and going from May 1, 2018 forward, there is a replacement.

The objective behind the Freevestor Sample Portfolio was to show that it can generate alpha while significantly reducing risk.  The objective has thus far been met as every month has registered a positive return and the adjustments made are in the effort to maintain that commitment.

Your needs will vary and that’s why it is important to have a consultation first to discuss your goals before anything is done.