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How was March 2018 for Freevestor’s Sample Portfolio?  

Forex Investing is not exactly easy as the ESMA will eventually force European brokers to reveal, but in March 2018, Freevestor’s Sample Portfolio outperformed the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 and any other equity market index.  However, it gets better as Freevestor’s Sample Portfolio also beat leading mutual funds (currency and equity) in March 2018.  Let’s review the results!

March 2018 Returns for Sample Portfolio vs. Other Options

Holding/PortfolioMarch 2018 Return1 Year Return April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018
Freevestor Sample Portfolio5.30%72.33%
S&P 500-2.64%11.83%
NASDAQ 100-3.99%21.23%
RUSSELL 20001.12%10.35%
DOW 30-3.34%17.09%
NIKKEI 225-2.78%13.46%

The Freevestor Sample Portfolio is not the portfolio that each client has made for them as each investor has different needs and expectations, but it is an opportunity to give the public a taste of what Freevestor can do for them.  The objective for this Sample Portfolio is extremely simple:  Achieve alpha (excess returns over market returns) while seeking the reduction of risk (zero beta with the S&P 500 serving as the market), which has resulted in extremely high Sharpe and Sortino ratios.

Comparing the Freevestor Sample Portfolio against U.S. News & World Report Top Ranked Multi-currency Mutual Funds and leading equity mutual funds this past month and showing the 1 Year Results (April 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018) provides quite a contrast.  Forex Investing can be like this when you use live signals (copy trading) that have readily available past results through a verified third party, much like how MetaTrader 4 does it with their signals marketplace.  Using the tools available and making good use out of sub-accounts can put novices to the currency market into a winning position.

Forex Investing with Freevestor’s Sample Signal Portfolio

What is in this magical portfolio that tops much of the market while March 2018 was a losing month for blue chips and larger technology stocks around the world?  It’s not magic, it’s a seven signal portfolio that will have its components revealed for qualifying prospects who seek a FREE Consultation with Freevestor.

However, there is something important to keep in mind with copy trading and the new ESMA restrictions.  If you are in a European Union member nation, your signal provider is based out of an EU member nation or your broker is based out of the EU, the environment may change and your needs may differ.  You may have to make to alterations to your deposit load and the signal providers may have to make changes themselves as far as their own deposit loads.  The fact that these new restrictions were introduced during Holy Week was a bit of a burial of an important development when it came to timing.

A Second Sample Portfolio will be created that adapts to the new ESMA restrictions concerning the retail Forex market, as many reading this may be impacted by these developments.  However, the new restrictions will be officially published in 1-2 months, which means that the exact language will shape how everyone goes about doing business rather than a mere announcement.  This Sample Portfolio will be directed toward those in the European Union, choosing to use Orbex as their broker and/or seeking to copy trades of those in the European Union.

Forex Investing may have a different sort of environment for some of you, but Freevestor will help guide you through it.

Volatility in Equities Market

Yes, the currency market offers quite a bit of volatility due to the nature of the leveraged products, but the currencies are not usually not moving more than 120 pips in one direction in a 24 hour period.  Cryptocurrencies are a volatility haven that have investors HODLing.  However, the equities market has experienced some volatility that has been a departure from 2017.  Remember, when XIV was a popular ETF and people were shorting the VIX?

VIX - Forex Investing


VIX Chart and Forex Investing


Sure, it’s not like it is February, but it is still more volatile.  One of the best performing mutual funds in the equities market, DXQLX, had a clunker of a March after February 2018 resulted in a negative return.  The only thing that salvaged the quarter was an extraordinary January that saw a 17.02% return.  This fund carries a beta of 1.36 (using a one year period) and a Sharpe Ratio that is below 1.  There were other less volatile funds that did not do particularly well in the past two months, but still had Sharpe Ratios above 1.

With negative market returns, and leading equity and currency mutual funds following suit… Freevestor stands tall with the Sample Portfolio.  Strong portfolio management and value-seeking behavior should be the cornerstones of your overall portfolio.

Forex Investing does not need to mean that you are at your terminal all day.  After all, the sample portfolio could just execute trades while you go about your days and nights doing other things.  With Freevestor, trading Forex means you get to have a life!  This portfolio of algorithmic copy trading signals could have brought you a glorious March 2018.  It’s just one month or even yet a year of outperforming some of the best and of course the market, but it’s important to the see the possibilities in hard numbers.