For those who read Freevestor’s News and Notes, things will change.

Freevestor will no longer syndicate content and will produce only original content.  The decision to make this decision was difficult, but necessary and oddly cutting the RSS feeds resulted in the old articles disappearing somehow.  The syndication resulted in SEO issues relating to content duplication along with technical issues.

It was easy to syndicate, but a problem to maintain.

Syndicating content provided an easy way to produce mass content, but there had to be delays as auto-publishing resulted in problems back in June.  Articles were published in Bengali and Arabic on English, Portuguese and Spanish languages of Freevestor during this time.  After better feed locations were used, these problems went away, but the only way to be sure that issues did not crop up again was to not auto-publish.  Not auto-publishing and putting articles into the draft bin meant that content was delayed and not necessarily pertinent because the market environment can change session-to-session.

If it was this difficult on the English version of Freevestor, imagine the troubles experienced on the Portuguese and Spanish versions.  Lots to translate there and this takes time when it is done through automated or manual means.  Not much aligned and this content did not enjoy as much traction as Freevestor’s original content.

Re-focusing Content at Freevestor

Many of you access Freevestor content through Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and other services, which is great.  If you are not following us on those services, please do so.  There will be three types of content through Freevestor going forward.

  1. General investment advice and industry trends.
  2. Big Market Takeaways and Previews
  3. Special content just for those on the Freevestor E-Mail List:  In-depth findings you won’t see anywhere else.

The special content will be in your inbox three times a week.  So sign up already!

Freevestor will be making adjustments over the coming weeks, so please stay tuned.  Sign up for a demo with one of Freevestor’s preferred brokers or jump right in and create your live account portfolio to give Freevestor a try.

It’s a new day for Freevestor News & Notes.