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Coffee Futures and Coffee Stocks Charts: A Closer Look at a Strong Brew

Coffee Futures and Coffee Stocks

Coffee Stocks (retail chains) and Coffee Futures are not always examined together. Examining the major coffee chain retailers that primarily earn revenue based on coffee sales and contrasting it against the Coffee Futures prices may tell an interesting story about both management of the coffee retailers and who is thriving during particular market environments.  The..

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Rooting for a Recession and Destroying a Globalized Economy

rooting for a recession

The newest trend in the United States is to root for a recession. It is one thing to predict a correction, bear market, recession or depression due to fundamentals that exist in the marketplace.  It is quite another to actively want to see an economic downturn happen for the purposes of arbitrage whether it be..

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Making Sense of The Demo Trader Who “Accidentally” Traded 5 Billion

Valbury Capital Demo Trader

Most people were enthralled by the tale of Harouna Traore.  Let’s unpack this. Harouna Traore’s Wild Demo Account Ride with Valbury Capital is a news story that seems more like urban legend than anything else because the math and story do not come together and form any sort of coherence.  To a general audience, this..

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Italexit, EU Uncertainty and Changing the Altcoin Discussion?

Italexit Altcoin Discussion

Italexit and European Union Existential Fears are Shifting Perceptions and the New Altcoin Discussion Italexit possibilities that have cooled in the short term, dissension within the European Union as a whole, European Union hostilities with the United States, the potential formation of a European Union defense force (preparing for war?), and interest rate hokey-pokey from..

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Cryptocurrency Volatility, Viability and a Bitcoin Price Analysis

Cryptocurrency Volatility - Bitcoin Price Analysis

Cryptocurrency Volatility Will Provide a Sign of Viability Going Forward Cryptocurrency Volatility and adoption rates determine each cryptocurrency’s viability going forward.  The objective behind cryptocurrency is not the creation of a digital, privatized currency that is to be hoarded, but rather a currency that is to be used as an alternative and it’s security and..

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Colombia’s Runoff Election is a Referendum on the Past Two Decades

Colombian Presidential Election Runoff

Colombia’s Runoff Election pits the past against the present and future. It’s not a political statement nor decision to be made by the Colombian people whether they be Caleños, Paisas, Costeños, Rolos, Santandereanos, or other regional distinction within the nation.  Different regional cultures, united as one country with a choice to make.  It’s a simple choice..

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