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China’s Stock Market Dropped in Total Value to #3 in the World

Japanese Stock Market surpasses Chinese Stock Market

China’s total stock market was eclipsed in value by Japan recently. China used to sport the world’s second largest stock market by total value, but they have been passed by Japan.  China’s overall equities market is valued at $6.09 Trillion USD while Japan’s total equities market is valued at $6.17 Trillion USD.  This is quite..

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Forex Promotional Restrictions: Marginalizing the Industry Further

Forex Prohibition Promotion

The Retail Forex Industry’s Bad Behavior and Reputation has Consequences. When all participants in the Retail Forex Industry unwittingly conspire to damage the reputation of their own livelihoods, it is rather notable.  Regulators were installed all over to protect the industry and clients, but they have done nothing to prevent what has happened.  Traders lost..

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Natural Gas Forecasting for the Week of July 23, 2018

Natural Gas Forecasting Price

Natural Gas Forecasting Based on Supply and Demand for the Week of July 23, 2018. Large Global Energy firms are increasing their natural gas output by 15% decade-over-decade thanks to technological advances, lower costs, and greater demand for the cleaner burning fuel alternative.  Natural Gas will play a large role in increasing profitability for these..

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Bitcoin (BTCUSD) Supply and Demand Zone Levels: July 19, 2018 Edition

BTCUSD Supply and Demand July 19

Looking at the Supply and Demand Zones for BTCUSD Bitcoin has rallied back recently from recent lows.  The doom-and-gloom that existed due to the presence of a descending triangle pattern for Crypto Market leader Bitcoin has not been completely eliminated, but it was beaten back.  The measured move bearish breakout just did not happen and..

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