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Forex Broker Reviews and Affiliates Sites are Fundamentally Flawed

Forex Broker Reviews Forex Broker Cash Back Forex Broker Rebates

Forex Broker Reviews sites operated by Affiliates enjoy high standing, but have flaws. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an affiliate for a Forex Broker.  It is still a lucrative business when done properly, but the purpose Forex Broker Reviews and Cash Back sites (also known as Rebates sites) serve has not helped traders. ..

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Forex Broker Unprofitability Rates are Released due to ESMA Restrictions

Forex Broker Unprofitability Rates

Forex Brokers in Europe released their unprofitability rates. Per ESMA restrictions that go into effect TODAY, Forex Brokers in the European Union are required to provide a percentage of traders that are unprofitable in a warning notice on their websites.  These warning notices are published in the footers of the websites, but they are also..

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How to Trade Forex in Malaysia: A Retail FX Growth Market Guide

Forex Brokers in Malaysia - How To Trade Forex in Malaysia

Trading in the Forex Market in Malaysia is becoming far more trader-friendly. There are less challenges for Malaysians entering the Forex Market than one would think.  The barriers of entry exist, but they are not very high.  Finding a Forex Broker in Malaysia is not too challenging either, but there are individuals who will make..

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Forex Brokers for Large Accounts and the Forex Trading Requirements

Forex Brokers for Large Accounts - Forex Trading Account Requirements

Finding Forex Brokers for Large Accounts is a both a challenge and a major opportunity. Forex Brokers for Large Accounts are certainly out there, but given the situation of the account holder, there are a lot of opportunities to be found.  There’s no such thing as being overcapitalized, but there is such a thing as..

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What is the Best Forex Broker? An Answer to this Burning Question.

What is the Best Forex Broker?

What is the Best Forex Broker?  Answering a question with the wrong interrogative word. What is the best Forex Broker?  How about “Who is the best Forex Broker?”  The question is good because it plays off a theme that has been preached lately.  There are many purporting that their broker or the broker that they..

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FX Liquidity for ECN Brokers: How Do These Relationships Work?

FX Liquidity for ECN Brokers, where does it come from and what about charges involved? On this Quora Question Thursday, a really interesting question remains unanswered because the more nefarious and ignorant in the industry have yet to respond with canned responses and awkward plugs for their services.  FX Liquidity is the topic of conversation..

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How Does Forex ECN Work?

How ECN Works

Forex Brokers Use ECNs to Execute Trades In the Forex industry, the acronym ‘ECN’ is usually promoted as a benefit to traders, but many novice retail traders have zero idea what this means.  ECN stands for “Electronic Communications Network” and what it does is provide a connection between the trades that a broker’s client wants..

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Where Do Forex Rates Come From?

Where do Forex Rates Come From?

Forex Rates for Each Currency Have an Origin and Fluctuate When the Foreign Exchange rates between two currencies fluctuates, casual observers and even some investors/traders may wonder the origin of these values.  It is only natural to want to know if these figures are purely arbitrary or are grounded in some sort of a market-pricing..

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