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The Best 5 Reasons for Offshore Company Formation

offshore company formation

Offshore Company Formation should be a consideration for Forex Traders. Offshore Company Formation is a bit of a touchy subject and how an investor in the Forex Market approaches it depends upon many factors:  Citizenship, residency, domicile, and tolerance for legal procedures.  Offshore companies and offshore bank accounts are not for criminals and they are..

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Your Motivation to Trade Forex Can Be a Hidden Pitfall

Motivation to Trade Forex

The proper motivation to trade Forex is not exactly what you may think. There is no singular proper motivation to trade Forex.  It just does not exist, most participants in the retail Forex Market come in with a similar set of expectations.  Retail and institutional participants have different motivations, trading volumes, benchmarks and money at..

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Follow Professional Traders to Profit with Live Forex Signals

Follow Professional Traders and Funds with Live Forex Signals

Follow professional traders and funds to diversify currency investment holdings. Signals or copy trading is a way for investors and corporations to follow professional traders and funds for free or for a monthly subscription fee.  The entries and exits made by the professional traders and funds are directly copied by investors and corporations.  The positions..

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Trading Mentors are a Massive Waste of Your Time and Money

Trading Mentors Unnecessary - Forex and CFDs

Trading mentors are unnecessary, they were not necessary before algorithms came along and are completely pointless now. Trading mentors claim to have all the answers.  Their claims are that they’ll turn an unprofitable trader into a profitable trader just by following their methodology.  They also say that novices entering the market should follow them and..

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Excess Cash Calculation for Your Company in a Revolutionary Way

Excess Cash Calculation - Liquidity Measure

Your company’s excess cash calculation process is not terribly challenging, but it’s important. Business owners may not know if they have excess cash, but excess cash calculation is rather routine even though it may be considered a more subjective measure than others.  Like valuation, it is a bit more art than science.  However, having only..

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Sovereign Currency Pairs: Still a Popular Trade During Crypto’s Rise?

Sovereign Currency Pairs

Sovereign Currency Pairs have become less popular to trade in the Age of Crypto? The Age of Crypto has brought a lot of attention to trading Ripple, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.  New traders have flooded the market buying and selling cryptocurrencies without any knowledge of trading whatsoever.  However, sovereign currency pair trading has..

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