Freevestor Forex & Commodity Market News and Notes - page 4

ESMA’s Leverage Restrictions on Retail Forex Will Have Ripple Effects

Retail Forex Leverage European Union

Upcoming Retail Forex Trading Restrictions from the ESMA will alter a lot of things. Retail Forex Trading Restrictions from the ESMA have yet to be put in place, but brokers in the European Union and traders in the region are bracing themselves.  Even a firm like Freevestor has much to consider and adjust to when..

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Forex Investing in March 2018: Compare the Powerful Results Right Now

Forex Investing - March 2018 Sample vs Market

How was March 2018 for Freevestor’s Sample Portfolio?   Forex Investing is not exactly easy as the ESMA will eventually force European brokers to reveal, but in March 2018, Freevestor’s Sample Portfolio outperformed the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 and any other equity market index.  However, it gets better as Freevestor’s Sample Portfolio also beat leading mutual..

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