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Natural Gas Forecasting for the Week of July 23, 2018

Natural Gas Forecasting Price

Natural Gas Forecasting Based on Supply and Demand for the Week of July 23, 2018. Large Global Energy firms are increasing their natural gas output by 15% decade-over-decade thanks to technological advances, lower costs, and greater demand for the cleaner burning fuel alternative.  Natural Gas will play a large role in increasing profitability for these..

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Bitcoin (BTCUSD) Supply and Demand Zone Levels: July 19, 2018 Edition

BTCUSD Supply and Demand July 19

Looking at the Supply and Demand Zones for BTCUSD Bitcoin has rallied back recently from recent lows.  The doom-and-gloom that existed due to the presence of a descending triangle pattern for Crypto Market leader Bitcoin has not been completely eliminated, but it was beaten back.  The measured move bearish breakout just did not happen and..

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Coffee Futures and Coffee Stocks Charts: A Closer Look at a Strong Brew

Coffee Futures and Coffee Stocks

Coffee Stocks (retail chains) and Coffee Futures are not always examined together. Examining the major coffee chain retailers that primarily earn revenue based on coffee sales and contrasting it against the Coffee Futures prices may tell an interesting story about both management of the coffee retailers and who is thriving during particular market environments.  The..

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Rooting for a Recession and Destroying a Globalized Economy

rooting for a recession

The newest trend in the United States is to root for a recession. It is one thing to predict a correction, bear market, recession or depression due to fundamentals that exist in the marketplace.  It is quite another to actively want to see an economic downturn happen for the purposes of arbitrage whether it be..

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Making Sense of The Demo Trader Who “Accidentally” Traded 5 Billion

Valbury Capital Demo Trader

Most people were enthralled by the tale of Harouna Traore.  Let’s unpack this. Harouna Traore’s Wild Demo Account Ride with Valbury Capital is a news story that seems more like urban legend than anything else because the math and story do not come together and form any sort of coherence.  To a general audience, this..

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