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Open an Offshore Bank Account with Introducing Services… A Good Idea?

Is it a good idea to open an offshore bank account with introducing services? To open an offshore bank account, it may seem daunting and/or even taboo in some cultures.  However, to alleviate the stress and unfamiliarity, incorporation firms have a solution.  Bank Introducing Services are offered as a way to package incorporation, provide extra..

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Hammer of Thor Forex Expert Advisor for MQL4 Development

Hammer of Thor Forex

The Hammer of Thor Forex Expert Advisor is an introduction to building your own “Trading Robot”. The purpose of building the Hammer of Thor Forex Expert Advisor is just to serve as an introduction to how an MQL4 program can be structured.  It’s designed on the simplest level for the purposes of teaching you how..

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Backtesting Forex Strategies Requires a Substantial Sample Size?

Backtesting Forex Strategies

When backtesting Forex Strategies is there a particular minimum sample size of trades? Backtesting Forex Strategies when building an Expert Advisor or Algorithmic Trading System is essential.  Backtests with real ticks give the most accurate account of what would have happened in the past should the trades been actually made.  The best part about the..

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Offshore Company Setup: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Offshore Company Setup - Offshore Corporation Considerations

Before you take action in the Offshore Company Setup Process, keep the following in mind. The Offshore Company Setup Process is a multi-stage process and your experience in setting up the offshore entity depends upon many factors that are idiosyncratic.  Some people have more complex needs than others and certain aspects of the process are..

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Automated Trading Systems Have a Not-So-Surprising Enemy

Automated Trading Systems are “Expert Advisors” or “Robots” that must be in your portfolio. The days of manually trading are dead or at least they should be.  Automated Trading Systems are the present and the future of trading in Forex, CFDs, Futures, Options and even Equities.  Pretending otherwise is just foolish and allowing yourself to..

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