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Escape From Cyprus: Brokers Flee Unstable European Regulatory Regime

Cypriot Brokers are Selling Their Licenses or are at Least Trying To Do So… Some companies see it as an opportunity to expand their businesses and will brag about it in a cocky fashion, others see it as a reason to get out, and others look to consolidate with other companies and poach talent.  However..

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iCustom Function in MetaTrader 4 (MQL4 Language) Complete Guide

iCustom Function MQL4 MetaTrader

The iCustom Function in MetaTrader 4’s MQL4 Language is extremely useful. The iCustom Function in MQL4 is great for the inclusion of custom indicators in your Expert Advisor.  It is also a good way to verify that an indicator works as it is supposed to do.  Using the iCustom Function can help with backtesting certain..

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Offshore Finance Entities for Forex Investors to Consider

Offshore Finance for Forex Traders

Offshore Finance Entities may be options for Forex Investors to Consider. Offshore Finance is in the process of being disrupted, but it should not discourage qualified Forex Investors from forming an entity.  There are choices to consider in the industry’s present form and positive potential in the future as well.  Forex can technically include Cryptocurrency..

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Alternatives to ESMA’s Unstable Restrictions on Retail Forex

ESMA Restrictions Alternatives Forex

ESMA (European Securities Market Authority) will be enforcing a temporary restriction on the Retail FX Market. ESMA’s regulatory capabilities are restricted by time constraints on what it is deemed a temporary intervention that gives them such broad power.  The fact that it is a three month intervention that has to be renewed, revised or discontinued..

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