Customized Forex Investment Consulting Services

Imagine if you were able to reap the returns of some of the best performing Forex Traders at reduced risk....


Spend Minimal Time in the Trading Platform.

Get connected to the best performing traders and disconnect yourself from your chair in front of your trading platform.

The Right Forex Trading Strategies for You

After a consultation to learn about your needs, Freevestor finds the right balance of Copy Trading Signals (with independently verified results), Managed Forex Accounts (with independently verified results), brokers to complement strategies and investment allocations to meet your specific needs.

Your Independent Forex Advisor

Freevestor is your Independent Advisor in the CFD and Forex Markets. After a consultation, Freevestor creates a report for each client explaining each strategy and allocation of investment toward each strategy in your customized portfolio. Freevestor updates the portfolio to ensure that client needs are met as time progresses.