The Best Forex Signals Review is actually rather subjective.

When searching for the best Forex signal review, the search is actually going to be rather fruitless.  Consider that the sources likely lack gravitas and they likely derive some sort of financial benefit as they are a provider or an affiliate.  Hunting around and hoping to find a solution on a wing and a prayer, is not exactly the best method.  In other words, you are going about your search all wrong.

Here are the red flags you should find when viewing the so-called “Best Forex Signals Review” sites/forums/articles:


There are fake reviews and responses that come from fake users and bots.  On English language sites, the broken English is obvious and the phrasing does not come naturally.  The review and responses are just hype pieces that have their spot in a Google search because they did a good job gaming the SEO.

On one site in the top rankings, they do not even bother putting the reviews there!  They just say that there are a certain number of reviews, but they do not even exist.  The user ratings are fake and the Signals are not even verified and automated in any way.

Best Forex Signals Review

Does this look credible to you?  It should not.

Why is a broker promoting particular signals?

It’s a bit shocking, but what why on Earth would a broker promote certain signals?  Either their intention is to push clients into signals that would prevent them from burning up their own accounts or they would pull them into signals that would force a quicker burn-out rate and encourage re-deposits.

It’s one thing to have personalized portfolios and signals that fit the particular client, but another to be promoting particular signals.

Best Forex Signals Review

Non-Automated and Non-Integrated Signals without Third Party Verification

There are signals that are sent through e-mail, messaging programs or through indicators.  These are not exactly legitimate as they are unverifiable and impossible to measure as far as success.  The requirement of manual intervention to place the trades from the signals makes things more complex.

There’s no accountability with these signals, but yet they are the most prevalent because they cannot be verified and anyone can do it.

These are really not signals and are more along the lines of picks since signals really do place the trades for the client.

The reviews for these services are usually overhyped and have self-published results, which can never be replicated as they require manual intervention and entry points differ.

Don’t rely on the Best Forex Signals Review

Desperate people do desperate things and they trust unscrupulous individuals.  Verified results and transparent systems should speak for themselves.  All these “Best Forex Signals Review” sites and articles do is push undercapitalized traders into paid relationships they should not be involved in the first place.