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Forex Trading Millionaires: How You Can Be One of Them

Forex Trading Millionaires

Forex Trading Millionaires are a real phenomenon. Forex Trading Millionaires really do exist and they are successful in currencies, commodities and other derivatives.  Because these individuals exist, it does not mean you will necessarily get there.  Your desire does not equate to your ability and timing.  However, you do not have to make those millions..

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How Forex Became the Market for Dummies

Forex Dummies

There are some that believe Forex is for Dummies and is a Giant Scam. There is a negative perception that “Forex is for dummies”, which is a rather simplified way of expressing disdain for not just the traders involved, but the industry and marketplace as a whole.  The Foreign Exchange Market (Forex Market) is the..

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Canadian Dollar At Crossroads Ahead of Inflation Data

Image via Bank of Canada In the past few weeks, the Canadian Dollar was one of the top performing currencies against the US Dollar. Despite […]
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