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Forex Trading Courses: Are These Currency Trading Courses Worth It?

Online Forex Trading Courses

Are Forex Trading Courses worth taking? Forex Trading Courses have proliferated across the Internet, there are even well-financed academies that have national radio spots promoting them.  There are plenty of self-proclaimed and frequently cited gurus in the Forex Industry and some of them offer courses on how to trade currencies, commodities, CFDs and stocks.  Some..

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Free Forex Signals Online with Real Time Execution: There’s a Catch?

Free Forex Signals Online with Real time execution

Free Forex Signals Online with Real Time Execution are uncommon for good reason. It’s not common to find free Forex Signals online with real time execution for a multitude of reasons.  The Trading Signals market is extremely crowded among many providers claiming to have the Holy Grail and “guaranteeing” results based on ideas that are..

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How Does Forex ECN Work?

How ECN Works

Forex Brokers Use ECNs to Execute Trades In the Forex industry, the acronym ‘ECN’ is usually promoted as a benefit to traders, but many novice retail traders have zero idea what this means.  ECN stands for “Electronic Communications Network” and what it does is provide a connection between the trades that a broker’s client wants..

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Where Do Forex Rates Come From?

Where do Forex Rates Come From?

Forex Rates for Each Currency Have an Origin and Fluctuate When the Foreign Exchange rates between two currencies fluctuates, casual observers and even some investors/traders may wonder the origin of these values.  It is only natural to want to know if these figures are purely arbitrary or are grounded in some sort of a market-pricing..

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